Barrows Re:Store

Barrows Re:Store enables brands and retailers to decarbonize their in-store activations while improving the shopper experience and connecting with conscious consumers.

Barrows Connected Store is the world's largest in-store digital media platform.

With an ever-expanding network of 10k+ Connection Points, Connected Store empowers retailers and brands to unlock the full potential of digital technology in the physical stores.

By enhancing the in-store experience and creating digital connections with shoppers at the point of purchase, Connected Store is the platform for brands and merchants to delight, inform, and convert shoppers in the most exciting retail medium.

01 Rich Experiences

Create rich experiences that captivate and convert shoppers.

02 In Store Retail Media

Extend your retail media offering at scale into the physical store.

03 Dynamic Digital

Reduce operational costs through digital merchandising.

04 Bridge Digital + Physical

Enable the bridge between digital and physical channels.

Current Network


Client Brands


Client Brands


Client Brands


For Retailers

Delight, inform, and convert shoppers with digital Connection Points.

Connection Points are custom engineered beautifully crafted digital, physical and sensorial retail touchpoints. We work hard to design them to weave seamlessly into the retail experience. The result is units that feel native to shopping even when their objective is not specifically connected to product or category merchandising.

The cladding, the lighting, the media all work together to help make shoppers more brand aware and fully informed.

Build a new retail media revenue and make merchandising more effective and experiential with Connect OS.

Connect OS is Connected Stored proprietary platform operating system. Connect was designed with retail as its only objective. The tool is a collection of apps that solve key points of friction unique to retail and retail media.

Media owners can easily package Connection Points into media segments for easy audience targeting and efficient flighting. Media Managers can utilize the campaign tools to efficiently build out programmatic and sponsored campaigns.

In store, merchants and associates can leverage the platform to approve content launches, dynamically update content, quickly get unit support and manage inventory issues ensuring an optimal shopping experience. Analysts can measure campaign performance through our Insights dashboards and pull all data into their own internal BI tools through our analytics web hooks.

For Brands

Create a custom network of digital experiences across the retailers that most impact your business.

Work with Connected Store to rapidly design and deploy a brand managed digital network across physical retail. Customize your Connection Points to align with your brand and fit within each retailer experience.

Connect with shoppers in the physical store with engaging digital content.

The Connected Store team includes best of class design, development and motion graphic talent. We build rich interactive experiences that engage your shopper and forge deeper brand connections.

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