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Tim Bagwell

Barrows Connected Store

New Chapter

Shopping is a digital experience.  Whether online or in-store, the proliferation of smart phones and high-speed internet has changed the way purchase decisions are made.  Consumers use digital technology in-store and online to navigate, discover and learn about new products.  They price check, read reviews and recommendations.  When their journey is complete, they finalize their purchases using online checkout and self-checkout kiosks in-store. 

This new chapter in retail’s digital journey creates both opportunities and challenges for brick and mortar retailers.  Multiple studies have indicated that digital experiences in-store help win customers, extend dwell times, increase repeat visits, and are a significant factor in driving purchase decisions. Likewise, in-store digital touch-points that are made available to the retail media business exponentially expand inventory in an environment where there’s no bandwidth limitations on delivering rich and engaging content. 

There are also challenges.  Shoppers are not interested in a digital sign mounted to a random wall looping thirty-second ad spots.  Shoppers are looking for meaningful experiences, elevated and informative content, and purposeful marketing moments. The tech required to deliver on shopper expectations is costly and typically not built with retail experience in mind.  When combined with merchandise, there are the added complexities of scheduling, stocking and pricing to ensure consistency and compliance. 

Then, there is content.  Content needs to be contextually relevant and customer centric.  To deliver at scale, retailers will not only need a team of graphic, motion, and experience designers, they will also need a strong development bench to execute.  If done well, however, the store will become the most valuable media platform for information and storytelling at the point of purchase. 

Lastly, brands that partner will want to understand the value these new tools bring to their overall sales and marketing efforts. Retailers wanting to capture their fair share will need to provide sophisticated audience and performance analytics.  To deliver on both shopper and brand requirements, retailers in this new digital age will need more than signage tech wired into a CMS, they will need an integrated suite of solutions and services that work together to drive excellence and return.  

The Barrows Connected Store

At Barrows, we have been passionate about this opportunity and its challenges.  For the past eight years, we have been working with retailers and brands to rethink how in-store digital is delivered.  Our solution: The Connected Store.  The Connected Store is the global leading platform for digital in-store media, merchandising and experience at scale.  It is powered by our proprietary OS, customizable touchpoints, award winning content and best-in-class support. 

Built on the back of our thirty plus years in retail marketing and transformation experience, we approached the design and development of the Connected Store with the shopper at the center. We've thought carefully about how all stakeholders in the retail ecosystem, from in-store experience, merchandising, media and brands want to delight, engage and convert shoppers. Packaging our full suite of technology and services to deliver a platform that is uniquely positioned to help retailers and their brands make more meaningful connections with shoppers. This is our Connected Store.  Click to learn more.  (link to page)